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What is an Insulation Contractor?

An insulation contractor installs thermal insulation to reduce energy costs and improve the comfort of a home or business. They work with building contractors and architects to ensure that construction meets insulation specifications and standards. They may also provide specialized insulation services for buildings, factories and other industrial projects. Insulation contractors may also offer fire resistance, sound proofing and other features to their customers. Some companies specialize in one area of insulation spray foam while others focus on a range of types of insulation.

Why is insulation used in buildings?

Many insulation professionals operate their own businesses. In these owner-operator companies, one or two people handle every aspect of the business including marketing, answering the phone and selling jobs to a team of insulation installers. This setup usually offers high quality work but can create issues with scheduling and communication between the owner and installation crews.

Other insulation contractors work with larger companies that hire teams for each department like customer service, sales and installation crews. This type of company often provides great customer experience and offers a warranty on their work.

As you shop for an insulation contractor, it is important to ask about insurance and licensing. Some states require an insulation contractor to have a license in addition to their building or general contracting license while others only need an insulation specialty license. If the contractor you are considering is licensed only as an insulation specialist, check to see if their insurance covers their crews while they are working on your house.

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