Can You Use Boric Acid Supppositories While on Your Period?

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can you use boric acid suppositories while on your period

Can you use boric acid suppositories while on your period?

Can you use boric acid suppositories while on your period is a common ingredient in feminine care products to help control vaginal odor. It’s also a natural antiseptic, antifungal, and antiviral.

The answer to this question depends on your situation and health. If you’ve been diagnosed with bacterial vaginosis or yeast infections, your OB-GYN might recommend boric acid suppositories to help control symptoms like itching, burning, and unusual discharge.

These suppositories work by disrupting the pH of your vagina to reduce the growth of pathogens that cause vaginal infections. They also help you maintain a healthy pH, which helps reduce itching and burning.

During your period, you can take boric acid tablets in capsule form to help control symptoms of vaginal yeast infections. Each capsule contains small 600 mg tablets, which you insert via a suppository daily for up to 7 days.

Boric Acid Suppositories and Your Period: Can You Use Them Safely and Effectively

Do not use boric acid suppositories with other medications, such as antibiotics or hormonal birth control pills. They can make these medicines less effective and could increase your risk of bleeding.

If you’re pregnant or plan to become pregnant, don’t use boric acid suppositories, as they can cause harm to your unborn baby. And if you are taking a blood thinner, tell your doctor before using boric acid suppositories.

When you’re ready to use boric acid suppositories, follow the instructions on the packaging or website to insert each suppository. Some come with disposable applicators, but others may need to be inserted by hand or using a small, disposable applicator (usually a plastic piece). Then, you can insert it as far as your vagina will comfortably accommodate, usually a few inches from your vaginal opening. If you experience leakage, use a panty liner.

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