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Facebook Leveling Up Its Content Moderation Tools

Facebook Leveling Up Its Content Moderation Tools

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Facebook is leveling up its content moderation to assist Facebook tools to give creators more control over their communities. The social media giant is adding new comment moderation features and a dedicated support hub. This will allow creators to manage their communities and engage with their audiences. In addition, Facebook is also adding a tool that will let creators see comments that were hidden based on advanced criteria.

The company will also be letting creators search through conversations by keywords including emojis, commenter names and dates through the comments manager in their professional dashboard. Additionally, Facebook is allowing creators to hide comments and take bulk actions through the same section in the Professional Dashboard.

Unlocking the Power of Facebook Moderation Assistance: Tips and Strategies for a Safe Online Space

This is a great way to save time by eliminating the need to manually go through and check each and every comment. In addition, it will help to prevent the spread of misinformation and other unwanted content.

While the company has been criticized for its use of machine learning to moderate content, Facebook has promised to only allow its AI systems to work without human intervention when they are as accurate as human reviewers. The company’s head of community management, Linda Marshall, has even gone as far as to say that AI will never replace the need for humans to monitor online communication.

Among the newest tools, Facebook is adding a feature that will allow creators to block problematic users and any future accounts they may create. It’s also testing a new version of Admin Assist for groups that automatically moderates comments based on pre-defined criteria.

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