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Gold Jewellery Throughout the Ages

Gold Jewellery Throughout the Ages

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As a symbol of wealth and status, gold has been sought after throughout the ages. For the ancient Egyptians, it represented the sun, the giver of life. It was a precious metal they treasured for its beauty and the fact that it would last forever. Today, gold jewlerry is as popular as ever.

The lustrous metal is malleable and durable enough for delicate gold jewlerry, but because pure gold is too soft to make rings that hold their shape, jewelers mix it with silver, copper, or zinc to create alloys suitable for everyday wear. It is these alloys, marked by their karat (amount of pure gold) that determine the jewelry’s price and durability.

Gilded Splendor: The Timeless Charm of Gold Jewellery

Solid gold pieces are a joy to wear, but they require a bit more care than other types of jewelry. They need to be protected from abrasions, exposure to chemicals and extreme temperatures. Even with careful wearing, these pieces can show scratches and dents over time. These flaws do not affect the integrity of a solid gold piece, but they can expose the tarnishable metal underneath and result in a grey film on the surface.

The Victorian era saw a shift in the popularity of gold jewelry, with pieces emphasizing sentimental and symbolic motifs. Lockets, mourning rings and charm bracelets became more commonplace. These styles were influenced by art movements like Art Nouveau and Art Deco, which celebrated organic forms and flowing lines. This trend continued into modern times, when minimalist pieces and more contemporary styles emerged, often combining gold with unconventional materials or drawing inspiration from traditional ethnic designs.

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