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Classical Lounge – Compilation by Various Artists

Classical Lounge  Compilation by Various Artists

Denon’s Classical Lounge is a compilation of Baroque, Classical and Romantic pieces. It’s intended to be a continuous background music. It does not include synthesized soundscapes or pattern pieces. Those interested in a classic classical sound will find this album enjoyable.

The album has enough tempo and dynamic contrasts to keep you happy. There is also a number of great tracks with jazz fusion royalty such as Wayne Shorter, Herbie Hancock, Jaco Pastorius and Lenny White. But it also has some lesser known composers. This means that the collection will be interesting to casual listeners as well.

After Dinner Lounge is the perfect relaxing album to listen to after a meal. In addition to its relaxed vibe, it has some hints of world grooves and downtempo, making it ideal for after-dinner listening. And, if you are into music that isn’t quite as “serious” as classical music, then you can check out a couple of other collections. Some of them are available as a box set.

If you’re looking for more sophisticated music, check out the Dave Brubeck collection. Brubeck is a pianist and composer who draws inspiration from a variety of musical backgrounds. He has six compositions on the album. His style is sophisticated and accessible. Another track to look for is something by Paul Desmond, a saxophonist.

For those of you who aren’t interested in the more “serious” styles of music, there are many compilations that feature artists from different genres. Magnatune is one of these collections.