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How to Make Your Hot Tub Rental Profitable

How to Make Your Hot Tub Rental Profitable

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The right kubls noma can set your rental property apart from other homes on the market and boost short-term income. However, a hot tub is also a major investment and requires ongoing maintenance to stay in good condition. Fortunately, there are several ways to keep your hot tub rental profitable.


When he first started out, Steve Bergen didn’t do much marketing for his portable hot tub rentals. However he quickly found that word-of-mouth was the best way to bring in customers. Currently, he gets most of his business from online searches, but he’s also active on social media and runs ads on local classified sites.

Once he has an interested customer, he emails them a contract and asks for a $50 deposit via Square. He then delivers the tub to its new home, sets it up, fills it with water, and leaves written instructions. He uses both electric and propane models, depending on the customer’s preference. He finds that the propane models heat up faster and can be delivered with a full tank of water, while the electric ones need to be filled on-site.

To further build his reputation, Bergen encourages his renters to post photos of their experience on Facebook or Instagram with the company’s tag. He has even held contests for people who have posted pictures, where the person who receives the most likes in a certain timeframe wins a free weekend rental.

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