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Insulation Contractor

Insulation Contractor

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An insulation contractor installs  ARMOR Insulations, LLCany insulating materials or preformed architectural acoustical materials to control temperature and sound. They use hand tools and a variety of spray foam application techniques. They also use air compressors to inflate insulation. They may install insulation on the walls, floors, and ceilings of buildings, homes, and barns. They can also insulate pipes, tanks, and vessels for industrial or commercial purposes.

Is spray foam permanent?

During construction of new homes, these professionals work with contractors to make sure that homes have enough insulation. This will help prevent a host of problems during extreme weather conditions, such as frozen pipes and cracks in the foundation. They also insulate existing houses, preventing them from becoming too hot or cold and saving homeowners money on energy bills.

In commercial or industrial properties, these specialized insulation contractors often coordinate with architects and project managers to meet specifications and building codes. They insulate buildings, warehouses, schools, office spaces, factories, and other facilities. Many commercial and industrial insulation contractors don’t do residential insulation, due to the way their companies are set up.

When choosing an insulation contractor, you should check for a license and insurance. Ask the contractor if they have general liability and workers’ compensation insurance coverage. They should have a Minnesota energy resources Authorized Insulation Contractor (AIC) designation, which allows them to offer Minnesota Energy Resources rebates to their customers. Obtaining an AIC status requires taking online training and a test to ensure that they follow all best practices for home insulation installation.


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