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Non-Chemical Methods For Pest Control

Non-Chemical Methods For Pest Control

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If pests are destroying your property or spreading disease, you may need 911 Exterminators to control them. However, if the problem is limited and you can live with it, you might want to try non-chemical pest control methods first.

What are the five methods of pest control?

The most basic method is to make your environment unattractive to the pests. This includes removing food, water, shelter and other items that pests need from the area. It also means putting obstacles in the pests’ paths, such as fences, wires and nets. Devices like traps, hummingbird feeders, and owl houses can help prevent certain types of pests.

Some natural forces affect all organisms and influence their populations. These include climate, food availability, enemies, natural barriers, predators and parasites. It’s often difficult to alter the effect of these forces on a particular pest population, but they can help you avoid using pesticides.

Eradication is rarely the goal in outdoor pest control situations, but it’s sometimes possible in enclosed areas, such as dwellings, schools and office buildings, and in some food processing and storage facilities. Pest eradication is more common in agricultural settings, where it can be accomplished through exclusion or quarantine, repulsion, physical removal, and chemical control (including sterilisation programmes).

The more you can do to keep your property unattractive to pests, the less likely you are to need pesticides. Routinely inspect your home and other buildings for cracks, crevices and gaps that pests can enter. If the problem is severe, seal these openings with copper mesh or coarse steel wool and mortar. Caulk is not a good choice because it can be easily cracked or chewed by pests. Choose a pesticide that’s designed for the specific pest you’re trying to control and follow the label instructions closely.


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