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The 2nd Amendment Flag Vintage

The 2nd Amendment Flag Vintage

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The 2nd Amendment Flag Vintage is a patriotic piece of art that will stand out in any room. It features a Betsy Ross American flag with 13 stars surrounded by ‘2nd’ in Old English font. It also has 1776 centered on the upper red stripes. This handcarved wooden American flag is perfect for your home, office or man cave! Made in Nashville, TN.Find

The second amendment to the Constitution reads: “A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.” It was added to the Constitution during the political turbulence that followed the Revolutionary War. Its author was James Madison, an ardent Federalist who wanted to shift power away from the states and into a national government.

Exploring the Vintage 2nd Amendment Flag: Rights and Representation

It has never been among the most popular of constitutional provisions. It has been the subject of endless debates by scholars and politicians, but the public’s aversion to it is often attributed to its cryptic phrasing. The fact is, it has always been a minor amendment to the Constitution.

It is customary to display the American flag from sunrise to sunset on buildings and stationary flagstaffs in the open. When displayed from a vehicle or flying in the sky, it should be flown at half-staff. Per Federal Law 94-344, it is a crime to desecrate the flag of the United States. The penalty for such a violation is a fine or imprisonment up to one year.

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