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Weed Dispensary Queens

Weed Dispensary Queens

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New York has legalized marijuana for recreational use but the system for regulating, licensing and taxing it is still budding. That means it is still tricky to find places that sell weed in the state and even more difficult to buy it legally if you live in the borough of Queens.

Can I go to a dispensary without a card in NY?

That could change soon. New regulations were approved by the Office of Cannabis Management in September that outline rules for the entire legal market, including for consumption facilities. The OCM has not yet opened the application process for those businesses but it is expected to do so sometime this year.

For the moment, you will have to get your weed through one of the dozens of licensed Queens Dispensary or through a few legal weed delivery services in the area. These services have earned a reputation for efficiency and dependability but are not always available.

The first woman-owned dispensary to open under the state’s equity in weed license program opened for business on Thursday. It is called Good Grades and is located at 162-03 Jamaica Avenue in Queens. It is owned by entrepreneur Extasy James and her cousin Michael James, an attorney who works as an advocate for minority business owners. Good Grades is supported by the New York State Social Equity Cannabis Investment Fund, which helps open stores on a short-term basis to generate revenue and train workers.

It is also the first store to open in Queens, a borough where weed has historically been disproportionately criminalized. Extasy James says she hopes the shop will become a hub for community engagement and entrepreneurship.

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